Friday, April 10, 2015

What is School? Part 1

If you look up the etymology for the word “school” it means “leisure or leisure for learning.” In ancient times, schooling took place in the context of relaxing with friends and discussing topics in a leisurely manner…topics of personal interest. There was usually an adult there to guide the discussion without too much interference in the child's thought process. From this schools were formed. Over the centuries there became such a demand to create people to establish society and to fit certain tasks to do so, so schooling became much more rigorous and specific to certain tasks. We have gotten away from cultivating the child’s natural intellect in order to develop them into the person God ordained for them to be. The Living Water School seeks to present a school that follows a more natural path. Parents and teachers are still there guiding students, but we are supporting God’s original plan for the child and helping that plan come into being.

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