Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Some Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts for those still "thinking" about The Living Water School:
1. We are open from 7 am to 6 pm with no extra charges for before and after's all included in your tuition. Of course if you arrive later or leave earlier, your tuition does not decrease.
2. We have created scholarships so that no child will have to miss out on this opportunity. These are partial scholarships that can cut tuition down as low as 50%. One parent is interested in a scholarship for her 3 year old and realized that the $170 a week that she's been paying was cut down to almost half after scholarships were applied.
3. Our school is a Christian yet non traditional school where students learn independently with our support and guidance. There are no grades, grade levels or standardized tests. High school students who want to enter college can design a path where a transcript can be created, but they have to choose their classes, etc. Going to college is their responsibility. We just provide the resources they request so they can reach that goal. High schoolers can also opt to take classes at a college or community college for dual enrollment
4. We enroll ages 2 to 18 (the 2 to 4 year olds have a more structured program, but are still free to play, create and learn in a non traditional way)
5. We place a great deal of emphasis on building community, ours and around the DMV....
6. Bible is not taught as an academic subject but we have devotions together. We don't force memorizing scripture but we encourage students to learn scriptures that speak to their hearts. The entire environment of the school is Christ-centered
7. We offer elective classes that the students request, such as dance, piano, art (although the art studio is always open and free for students to use), cosmetology, whatever they request we help them to learn it and if needed we will help them raise the money to learn a more expensive course. Students can also opt to do an apprenticeship in a field that they are interested in learning more about.
8. All academic instruction is done in small groups and are at the students' request. We offer book clubs, writing clubs and math clubs. We have found that when the pressure is removed, students express a desire to learn in all of these areas. All other learning is done at the students' request and is experiential...through field trips, independent research and projects that the students create. We mentor them through that process.
9. The deadline to enroll is July 31.
10. All high school graduates are required to do a thesis before a diploma is given on any research interest and in their thesis presentation they must be able to answer the question of why they are ready to graduate and how they will impact the world positively.(and a high schooler can decide when they are ready to graduate)

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