Tuesday, June 28, 2016

David Would LOVE Our School

from:  http://erikbragalyan.deviantart.com
We are enjoying our summer but looking forward to a new year of freedom in education! Today I am thinking of those students who sometimes struggle in the traditional system. Maybe our school could work for that child? Here is a word I shared with a friend of mine recently: I used to be that kind of a teacher who prided herself on having perfect classroom management, until I had a child (my son) who just could not learn this way. I explained that if a child cannot sit perfectly and do their work perfectly, it does not always mean they are ADHD or behaviorally challenged. It just means that God designed them differently for a purpose. THEN God dropped this in my spirit. When Samuel came to choose a king for Israel, he went through all of Jesse's sons who looked perfect for the job. They were tall, handsome, well behaved, standing with their father like dutiful sons. But God rejected all of them. Then Samuel asked if there was another son somewhere and Jesse said, "Yes, the youngest son David is out in the field." When David was brought to Samuel, God said, "That is the one. Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart." David was probably the one who was out in the field daydreaming and writing a poem or song or playing on his harp. His head was in the clouds. He was non-traditional. He was different. When he went to fight Goliath, even Saul could not get him to fight Goliath in the traditional way. David was like, "Get this armor off of me! All I need is a sling and a rock!" And in his free spirit, he ran up to that giant and killed him with a stone and a sling! You could tell that he was not liked and people were irritated with him, because his brothers spoke unkindly to him. BUT GOD! Oh Jesus! God had a plan for this young man! He was the King of Israel, the Ancestor of our Jesus! That little wild child who killed a lion and a bear and wrote music and was just always out in the field someplace. God had a plan! He may not have fit into the traditional way of doing things, but God had a plan for him! If this sounds like your child, please stop spanking him or punishing her or letting doctors and psychologist tag all these labels on them! Realize they are different. Yes, train them in good character, but realize that God made them different for a purpose! Stop making them fit into the school setting that everyone says they should fit in and find a place where they can thrive. God has a plan for your child and maybe it is at the Living Water School? www.thelivingwaterschool.org