All staff are viewed as an equal partner in the child's educational journey, therefore all teachers of the school are referred to as "staff." Staff members have received their educational training (core teachers are degree and/or certified) in private/Christian and public schools for many years. 

Core Staff

Anika Prather
Anika is our literacy instructor.  Each week she leads students into studying various classic texts, through dialogue, writing and creative expression.  She also oversees the yearly spring thesis presentations

Charesa Cannaday
Charesa oversees the youngest members of our community in The Play Room (ages 4-6).  She has taught preschool for a number of years

Phil Burrell
Phil is our instructor for 6th to 12th grade math. He has many years of experience teaching all grade levels of math, but has a special gift with working with high school students in their math courses.

Denise Deshield
Denise Deshield is our instructor for K to 5th grade math.  She has many years of experience teaching the elementary grades and has served in Christian and public education for many years

Gary Coletrane
Gary is our Artist in Residence.  He is a professional visual artist and he runs our open art studio.  He teaches various art skills, but the students have the freedom to flow in and out of the studio to work on various art projects.


Claudina Harrison-Dance
Sensei Johnny-Martial Arts
V. Marie Bellamy-Reading Tutor

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