Visiting the School

Open Houses and Visits

We have Open Houses scheduled once a month.  Our next Open Houses are the following:

Friday, November 18, 2016 11 am- 2 pm-Thanksgiving Party and Open House

Friday, December 16, 2016 11 am-2 pm-Christmas Party and Open House

You can also call us to schedule an appointment to tour the school and to learn more about our programs.  We also allow visitation days, where interested parents can allow their child to visit with us for a day.

Before You Come
Our school is a very unique place and it is very important for all prospective families to make themselves a little familiar with our philosophy or at least are willing to try something completely new. This is a very non-traditional school.  Our meetings, Open Houses, and visits are not for "proving" that this philosophy works or for discussing how we can implement programs that you want us to give your child.  We are already convinced of the path we have taken.  We would prefer the times that you visit not be used to debate about our philosophy, but for you to really learn, with an open mind about our philosophy.  We welcome questions in order to learn more about if this philosophy will work for your child, but we will not engage in debate.  We ask that you have an open mind and are willing to explore a totally new way of educating your child before you come to visit us.  In addition to thoroughly reviewing our website, also consider the following links to review in order to give you some insight into our program:

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