Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We Welcome Homeschool Students STILL!

We are still welcoming homeschooled kids of working parents to join our community at a very reduced cost, BUT we are no longer considering ourselves a Homeschool Center. We are a place for the homeschooled child to learn personal responsibility, time management, art, dance, living in a democratic society, PE, martial arts, self discipline and how to develop their whole person. They learn how to enjoy what we have to offer and then are able to pull away to do the assignments their parents have given them. I love watching one of our 8 yr old homeschoolers hang out with the girls, do martial arts, go to art, play outside and then pull away with her lap top and ask a staff member, "May I go to a quiet place to do some work?" Now she knows that she doesn't have to ask permission and she will just slip away to do her online classes. Kids feel SO good about themselves when they take personal responsibility...and she is only 8! We ask that all homeschooling parents who want to enroll their child with us, learn about the Sudbury model and come to understand why we are committed to upholding the free, self-guided and independent way that children should learn. Staff is here to gently support all children who come to us, homeschooled or those enrolled as full students in the school. It's so cool to watch all these different learning styles on the same journey to discover their purpose in life.