Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sewing and Martial Arts Classes

We will be offering a sewing class and martial arts class and both classes will begin next week. The sewing teacher teaches sewing at College of Southern Maryland and has had her own sewing studio for many years.  The Martial Arts teacher has had extensive training in the martial arts, is a retired marine and has created a program that includes Bible verse memory and meditating on scripture.  He has truly created a Christ-centered martial arts program.  We would like to open this up to those outside of our community. The sewing class is $100 per student for a 5 week intro to sewing class. Students have class once a week for two hours, but can choose to come on either Wednesday from 12 pm to 2 pm or Fridays from 10 pm to 12 pm. The martial arts class begins next week and is held Tuesday and Fridays (students should attend both days each week) from 4 pm to 6 pm and the cost is $50 a month per student. To participate in any of these classes, we ask that families pay a non-refundable app fee of $10 per family/per class so we can secure spots. You can pay that fee by visiting our website www.thelivingwaterschool.org, scrolling to the bottom and clicking the drop down menu under "Payments". Choose "Extra Class App Fee". The payments for the actual classes can be made on the first day of the class and paid directly to the instructor.  Hope you guys will join us!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fundraiser and Open House

The Living Water School will be hosting an open house/jewelry party at the school on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 3 pm. Light refreshments will be served.  All money earned will be donated to the school.  So come on out and Buy Some Jewelry. Look Beautiful. Help a School. 

Literature Discussion Rocks!

Our "Big People" are reading The Count of Monte Cristo and enjoying a relaxed dialogue about it...all while cuddling stuffed animals?? LOL!

Literature discussion is foundational to our program.  Through dialogue students build comprehension and learn to enjoy reading in a more relaxed way.
One of those bare feet belongs to the teacher and the other belongs to a 4th grader who asked to join us and she could because our school does not place walls up to prevent young kids from learning with older kids.
Whenever a student makes a point about the book, they have to back it up by sharing evidence from the text.  We always try to bring it back to the text. 

A Happy Child

This picture makes me think of one of our students. When I was a principal at a DC private school, there was a student that had some real struggles with being at the school. He was sent to my office a lot. I met with his family a lot. The difficult thing for me was that he was not bad, he was highly intelligent, he just struggled with the fitting into the framework. He did not have a learning disability, but he did think WAY outside the box. He also had this deep common sense that he often could not help but mention to his teacher, when she did something that did not seem to make sense to him. So he was sent to the office for "disrespecting." I admit that he needed some training on how to best communicate his disagreements with her, but sometimes I could not help but smile because he actually made a lot of sense sometimes! In the end, he was pulled from the school, but the family and I remained close. They continued to search for a place for him and school continued to be a struggle. I was told that almost every day for all of his years of school, he would come with some "reason" why he should not have to go to school. And each of those days, he still had to go and was miserable. When I started The Living Water School & Homeschool Center, his family was the first family I reached out to and they were willing to give my program a try. Last night, they emailed me and told me that he was so happy. These were the little 8 YEAR OLD'S words, "I have been looking for a school like this for 25 years."

Saturday, September 12, 2015

First Week of School Part 2!

A little time to create!
A beautiful day to play basketball!
Students campaigning to be on the Judicial Committee! 
Little people and big people doing art together!
Without us showing them how, theY created the format for our Judicial Committee and did an excellent job!


Friday, September 11, 2015

The First Week of School Part 1!

Some little people randomly decide to practice numbers using blocks.
The Judicial Committee's first meeting and they did an awesome job for the first time!!
Chess is learning right?
One of these girls is in a play at church and asked her new friend to help her learn her lines.
And this 5 year old who LOVES math and has a gift to understand math as high as algebra, took a break from playing soccer to do a math workbook...

More pics to come!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Unique Fundraiser

Because of my beliefs on healthy/organic  eating, I have always struggled with school fundraisers that used chocolate, pizza kits, candy, etc. to raise money for a school.  I looked for an alternative to selling food and other non-useful things that I thought people would really appreciate.  We settled on using Chloe + Isabel as our first school fundraiser because people can purchase beautiful jewelry and at the same time help our school.  100% of what we earn through Chloe + Isabel goes to support the school.  The process is just like when schools sell chocolate, candles, etc. we sell the product and split the profit with Chloe + Isabel.  Except this time, people walk away feeling great because they now have a lovely new product to enjoy and they have also helped a school progress.  Our motto is Buy Some Jewelry. Look Beautiful. Help a School.  Check out our boutique at