Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Happy Child

This picture makes me think of one of our students. When I was a principal at a DC private school, there was a student that had some real struggles with being at the school. He was sent to my office a lot. I met with his family a lot. The difficult thing for me was that he was not bad, he was highly intelligent, he just struggled with the fitting into the framework. He did not have a learning disability, but he did think WAY outside the box. He also had this deep common sense that he often could not help but mention to his teacher, when she did something that did not seem to make sense to him. So he was sent to the office for "disrespecting." I admit that he needed some training on how to best communicate his disagreements with her, but sometimes I could not help but smile because he actually made a lot of sense sometimes! In the end, he was pulled from the school, but the family and I remained close. They continued to search for a place for him and school continued to be a struggle. I was told that almost every day for all of his years of school, he would come with some "reason" why he should not have to go to school. And each of those days, he still had to go and was miserable. When I started The Living Water School & Homeschool Center, his family was the first family I reached out to and they were willing to give my program a try. Last night, they emailed me and told me that he was so happy. These were the little 8 YEAR OLD'S words, "I have been looking for a school like this for 25 years."

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