Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Unique Fundraiser

Because of my beliefs on healthy/organic  eating, I have always struggled with school fundraisers that used chocolate, pizza kits, candy, etc. to raise money for a school.  I looked for an alternative to selling food and other non-useful things that I thought people would really appreciate.  We settled on using Chloe + Isabel as our first school fundraiser because people can purchase beautiful jewelry and at the same time help our school.  100% of what we earn through Chloe + Isabel goes to support the school.  The process is just like when schools sell chocolate, candles, etc. we sell the product and split the profit with Chloe + Isabel.  Except this time, people walk away feeling great because they now have a lovely new product to enjoy and they have also helped a school progress.  Our motto is Buy Some Jewelry. Look Beautiful. Help a School.  Check out our boutique at

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