Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Scary Journey

Every morning I get up at 4 am.  Not because I want to.  That's the time God has been literally nudging me up to pray.  There's a lot to pray about.  I am in the process of starting a school.  It is a scary journey.  So many doubts and fears arise each day.  I am learning to lay them at the feet of Jesus.  He is all powerful and all knowing.  He is able to make this happen.  He is the source of my wisdom for making it happen.  I believe that this is a call God has placed on me since I was very young.  My life has always been focused on being an educator, ever since I was very little.  So much has happened in my life to prepare me for this moment, but the opportunity did not arise until now...until it was time for me to choose a good school for my own kids.  My prayer is that many children will be blessed by my journey into providing the best education for my own children. Shouldn't that give a parent comfort? To know that the head of the school is motivated by making sure her own children receive the best education?  This school comes from a place of deep passion...a deep calling.  Years of teaching so many different kids and watching how public schools consistently fail our youth, has made me so on fire for this. I know the business of school.  20 years of teaching, leading, mentoring, etc. in schools has made me so clear on what makes a school be successful at graduating true scholars that fear God.  This knowledge has affected my process into finding the best school for my kids so much so that after much prayer and fasting God told me to just open one.  May many be blessed by my huge step of faith into this journey.

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