Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jesus, the Radical Rabbi

When we read the scriptures, we realize that Jesus was an unschooler.  He was a supporter of the Sudbury method.  He was a radical unschooler.  He was always doing things outside of the box.  He taught using the fig tree, fishing, and water from the well.  He encouraged the respect of children (remember "suffer the little children to come unto me?? or "Let no man despise thy youth"?).  He taught by living (remember when he washed the disciples feet or when he taught them how to pray?).  God believes in the power of children (remember "from the mouths of babes, God has ordained perfect praise" or when he called Jeremiah, Daniel, Joseph, David, and Samuel who were all just young boys?  Even Mary the mother of Jesus was a little girl.).  All of these are examples of how we feel non-traditional teaching, unschooling or even the Sudbury model are not against scripture.

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