Friday, June 26, 2015

Inspired by Marva Collins

Marva Collin's thoughts on engaging students in Socratic dialogue about the Great Books is one of the highlights of The Living Water School. Students are free to learn but the book clubs are a time where we build community, literacy, comprehension and grow the mind simply by talking about books that have stood through all of time. The book clubs are not required and students have the option to sign up for a book club if the book we are discussing is of any interest to them (we do not invite students to come). The staff does not lead these discussions but the discussions begin with anyone in the group presenting a question to be discussed about the book.  It snowballs from there. The staff will join with students in seeking understanding and connection to our lives through discussing the literature.

My dream is that this school (in these times of racial unrest, especially) would be a place where all races come together to grow in our faith, learn, discuss, and live in a community of harmony. My experience at St. John's College taught me that this dream can be a reality. In the dialogues I had there with people from every race and background (even though I was a minority many times) caused the racial lines to disappear and we related to each other based upon the soul and not the color of our skin.

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