Thursday, July 2, 2015

Why A Homeschool Center

Some may ask why we would include The Homeschool Center in our program?  Well, in this journey of starting the school, we have found that the biggest dilemma with parents is their desire to bring them out of public school, but being unable to afford private school AND their full time job keeping them from homeschooling.

The underlying premise of the Sudbury Model is for students to learn to be responsible and to make their own decisions.  If a parent is not able to send their child to our school or any other private school, then the parent should have another option.  Within that option, the student is going to have to be responsible for planning their day to accomplish the tasks the parent has assigned for them.  They will also have the opportunity to participate in our school meetings and to enjoy a lot of the freedom our school offers.  The Homeschool Center is our way of meeting the needs of parents and also giving the student the opportunity to experience a Sudbury way of life.

Parents who enroll their children in The Homeschool Center can follow any educational philosophy (traditional or unschooling) but they must be sure to help their child understand that they also will have to take responsibility for their learning. We are there to keep them safe.  We are there to support them completing their assignments, but we will also encourage them to plan their day so that they can reach their goals and to take responsibility if they are not able to.  Parents must understand that our goal is to develop highly curious, responsible, and independent individuals.  Even though they are following the parent's educational plan, within our campus we will still seek to have these attributes develop in each student, whether they are in the school or The Homeschool Center.

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