Monday, December 7, 2015

A Close-Up

Imagine walking into a school and seeing kids hanging out.  Eating, resting on a couch, sitting at a table, playing, talking, laughing, listening to music.  Well that's what it may seem like when you walk into our school, but if you look closely something amazing is actually  going on.  Here's a close-up look at today:
A student bought a locker (with his fake money salary) and rented it out to another student who wanted to move to a new locker. He wrote up a contract and everything and the other student had to sign it. He typed the contract on the computer. A group of girls decided to clean out our storage room and turn it into a sewing room. They created laws for how the sewing room should function. 2 little girls picked up a phonics work book and quietly sat at a table to see how many pages they could do by themselves. A boy organized The Crystal Club and a field trip to the Crystal/gemstone store. He wrote up the sign up sheet and posted it at the student mailboxes. 2 girls decided to do a language lesson on Rosetta Stone (one took Filipino and the other took French), a group of kids made an indoor "neighborhood" out of tables, chairs and blankets. The Judicial Committee met and sentenced a boy to writing a letter of apology for kicking a girl on her shoes. And the boy cried and said, "I wish I can just be punished by a teacher!" A girl cleaned the kitchen so good it shined and smelled so good. Some kids got together and re-wrote a Christmas play script to be more relevant to themselves. They want to perform it before school gets out for Christmas (keep your fingers crossed). A group of girls (and a staff member) talked about crushes, and friendships and trusting and being bullied at other schools and learning to trust again. Some boys went outside to play basketball. A group of little people did an art project with a staff member...they made snowflakes and painted them. A staff member did a math lesson with some students. A girl decided to do a research project on CoCo Chanel on the computer. I could go on and on. When you come in you would probably see something a little chaotic...but if you look closely, you will see some amazing things happening.

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