Thursday, May 12, 2016

The New Preschool Program

The Playroom (preschool program opening August 2016-year round)
Inspired by the growth and development of the founder's two youngest children (ages 2 and 4), the Playroom was created in order to give young children the space to learn and grow independently without being tainted by the traditional educational system.  When the school first opened, her young children were just 1 and 3. They came to school with her and she hired a certified early childhood teacher to watch over them.  The teacher was given the direction to just let them learn freely, while they took part in many aspects of the school.  Amazingly, their learning, growth and development took place at a rapid pace.  They were sponges.  Her two year old is talking in full sentences, showing early signs of phonemic awareness.  Her 4 year old taught himself how to write his brother's name before he learned to write his own.  They both began to ask "Why?" a great deal.  Her daughter taught herself how to put her shoes on the right foot, how to open her own juice box and so many more independent skills.  Her 4 year old asked to be taught to read (as opposed to forcing it upon him).  The learning that took place so naturally encouraged her to create a program for young learners, preparing them for being in an independent learning environment when they reach school age.  The Playroom is a program where the ages of 2 to 5 are all together in one large open space (at a separate location from the school), learning and growing naturally through play and exploration.  All instruction, resources and activities will be inspired by the children's curiosity and interests. 

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