Monday, August 3, 2015

A Peak into Our Entrance Interview

The School Report (that's what I'll call it and I'll only do it once a day at the most): SO today had a student do his entrance interview. It's a time where I sit with he and his family and get a sense of his education experiences, likes, dislikes, interests, needs, etc. It's a relaxed conversation with everyone and especially the child gets to SPEAK. THEN I do a reading and math diagnostic (so I can assign him to the appropriate reading and math small group). No pressure. They can do whatever problems they want on it, and can stop whenever they want to. I did not isolate the child in a quiet room, but just let him leisurely try some of the work. After all of that I could determine that he was a grade behind. We all create a plan, based on the notes I took from the conversation and diagnostic and we create an educational path that is uniquely his. When it was all done, the family (grandmother, father and aunt) said, "You don't know how long we have been trying to find a school that would relate this way to him. This is the first time we have seen him NOT have any apprehension about school." At one point the little boy (8 yrs old) said, "Sometimes I just needed a break. Sometimes I just wanted to play outside for a little while, but instead I could only sit in my seat all day. Um...Is it ok if I research tornados and cyclones???" I said, "Well of course! How about we make you the school weatherman? You have to come in every day and update us on the weather! And whenever you need a break, feel free to go outside and get some fresh air." He says, "Oh i can do that! I'll make sure to tell you when a tornado is coming and go over with you how to stay safe during a tornado!" So someone tell me why a kid like this could not enjoy school? He LOVES to learn. THIS is why the school must stay small. I may not reach everyone, but prayerfully the few I reach will make a difference. A few slots are still open!

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