Monday, August 10, 2015

Homeschoolers Bless Us & We Bless Homeschoolers!

For my homeschooling friends: God has been good in blessing us with the core staff that we need.  At this time The Living Water School & Homeschool Center​ is offering homeschooling moms or dads the opportunity to bring their children to the school for a free day (for socialization, activities, etc) at least once a week (6 to 8 hours a day), in exchange for you giving us the following:  supervision for the kids.  This also allows volunteers to allow their younger kids (ages 3 and under) to tag along since you will not have instruction duties.  We just want to make sure we have enough chaperones for students who may want to go outside, to join in with a group of kids playing a game, to read aloud to a child who needs a reading buddy, to engage in conversation with kids as they freely learn and discuss various topics, to monitor kids who choose to eat at various times (there is no scheduled lunch eat when they are hungry), so every child who has a question about anything can get an answer or help finding it, etc.  Our school is growing beyond the numbers we planned for and we are thankful!  You volunteering will allow us to stay true to our promise to provide a free, yet safe learning environment to every student. The only requirement is you must have a background check, be finger printed and be willing to attend 1 meeting per semester for the volunteers.  If interested, please contact us!  (We also welcome childless volunteers who want nothing in return but the experience of being a part of a very unique school!)

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