Sunday, April 5, 2015

A School for David

I think David in the Bible would have made a good student for the school. So his dad, Jessie knew that Samuel was coming to his house to pick the next king from one of his sons. Samuel gets there and Jessie has all the sons lined up. Samuel looks at each one and thinks that any of them could be the next king because of how they looked on the outside. They fit the standard. But God said no to all of them. Samuel then asks if Jessie had any other sons, because God had told him one of the sons was to be the next king. Jessie tells him that he has one more but he's out in the fields watching sheep. Samuel asks to see him. When he walks in, God says, "That's the one." David was out in the fields caring for sheep and WRITING MUSIC AND POEMS! Out in the fields day dreaming and creating and communing with nature. He did not fit the standard. But yet he was the next king. Even his own dad didn't see it. How many students have I seen that have a special anointing but because they don't fit the standard way of learning, they are overlooked? How many times have even I not been able to reach a student because I was so busy trying to do my job and teach the "curriculum." How many times have I fussed at a student because they wouldn't sit still and "do their work"...filling in the worksheets and doing the test? How many kings and queens have I missed because of this? May that child who is gifted, smart, creative, different find a home at the school I believe God is leading me to start.

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