Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Ideal Living Water School Parent

7 Traits of a Living Water School Parent:
1. They have sat in the school office at least once during the school year and have cried out of frustration
2. They have tried to advocate for their child and no one has been able to help
3. They cannot home-school the child in order to provide them with the type of school experience that meets their needs and interests
4. They feel as if the school keeps their child from going as far as their intellect wants to go
5. They want their child to have freedom to pursue their own interests and creative projects
6. They don't give a hoot about scoring , grades, or standardized testing and they believe that an "A" is equivalent to the child doing their best (they place more value on the child's character than the grades they get)
7.. They want a bully free (students as well as teachers), safe, healthy, and emotionally edifying school environment for their child.

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