Friday, April 10, 2015

What is School part 2

More on the history of the word "school": From the Greek-spare time, leisure and learned discussion. "learned discussion" "leisure"??? I can put these words together and a place of leisure and learned discussion? In Rome: Place of discussion. So how did school turn into a place where kids are forced to sit in a desk, with their mouths shut while someone pours info in their heads? This is getting good.....(I'm not making this stuff up). And I feel this way, even though I've spent 20 wonderful years in traditional public and private schools. I do not believe in getting rid of school, which is why I actually struggle with the term "unschooling", but i think we need to get back to the old old way of schooling...where kids learned by doing and discussing and engaging with a teacher who ignited a fire of learning in their hearts and minds.

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