Sunday, April 26, 2015

Our Ideal Student

7 Traits of a Living Water School student:
1. finishes all his/her classwork so fast that he/she is left bored and disrupts the class
2. a student who is well behaved but very far advanced in their thinking and the parents want him/her to have the opportunity to go as far as they want in their intellectual pursuits.
3. a student who just does not learn like the rest of the class and needs the freedom to understand their learning style and interests (very out of the box...they HATE being forced to fit in a box)
4 .the one who is just odd...they don't fit in anywhere, they are shutting down because they feel so out of place (often bullied, often misunderstood by the teacher)
5. the one who has so much creativity in their mind that they cannot concentrate on anything else
6. the one who is smart, does their work, but cannot sit perfectly still or avoid creative mischief
7. the child who craves one on one time and attention.

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