Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Learning is so Natural

Talked to a friend of mine the other day who has a 10 year old son. At the school meeting she wanted him to sign up for track. He didn't want to. She was frustrated and said, "All this boy wants to do is read read read. He reads all the time. He'd read all day if I let him. I told him that he has to do something besides read all the time." If he were at The Living Water School, I would let him read all day, because every single room will have a small library...books will be at every child's fingertips. I've noticed that most children...just about every child I've encountered have interests that are intellectual, academic, or creative. Rarely are they just random or negative. Attitudes are sometimes negative, behavior is sometimes negative, but interests are usually in the three above categories. Why does my 3 year old on his own use my phone or Kindle to play phonics games? Why does he sometimes just go on his own to play the piano? Without me asking or suggesting...he just wants to. And if you think about it...I mean really sit and think about it, every child is this way....if you just give them the chance to show it to you...

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