Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Freedom in Learning is EVERYWHERE!

Signs that I have seen that children will learn if we let them be free:
Example 1: Today my 5th grade recorder students wanted to perform When the Saints Go Marching In for our spring concert. I had been meeting with them to teach them how to properly count, etc in order to play together. They could not get it. In today's rehearsal they looked so sad. I said, "You know what, I'm gonna sit over here and just let you guys play it. Do you think you can do it without me teaching you?" Their faces lit up and they were so excited. So I sit down. One girl does a count. They all fall in and play the song PERFECTLY!! I don't even know if they know or understand the theory (but they would have to in order to play so well together), but they did it! It was awesome! They ask if the girl who did the count can "direct" them for the concert. I was like SURE!
Example 2: When my uncle was born he was severely delayed/special needs. Doctors said he would not live past 6 months and if he did he would never walk, etc. My grandmother gave him what he needed to be nurtured. The family spoke positive words into his life. He lived to be 42, had a job at the post office, walked, and baby sat me. He dressed himself and was completely independent. He could read, loved to watch the news and talk about politics and sports. So it doesn't matter, as long as you are human, you have a will to learn, grow, and survive in society. It is a natural instinct in every single human.
Example 3: My morning conversation with my sons:
Destin (crying)-Mommy! Dillon called me a boss!
Me: Dillon why are you calling your brother a boss?
Dillon: I need someone to be my boss!
Me: but why?
Dillon: Because I am the Master and I need someone to work for me!
Me: Dillon that is not a boss, that is an employee.
Dillon: What is an employee?
Me: It's someone who works for someone else
Dillon: Ok, good. Destin you are my employee!
Destin: (crying) but I don't want to be your employee!
Me: Dillon, can Destin be your assistant master? You guys can work together to tell people what to do!
Destin: Yeah! I want to be the assistant master
Dillon: No you are an employee!
Destin: (Crying harder) No! I don't want to be an employee!! I want to be the assistant master!
Me: Dillon, let your brother be the assistant master
Dillon: well ok....
The entire conversation was a total learning experience that my 3 and 4 year old created without me. (and they both want to be entrepreneurs...AWESOME!!
It's like the blinders have been totally taken off my eyes. I can see freedom in education every where!!!

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